Our mission is to build a more sustainable local food system and to address the issues of food insecurity in Rockaway, which have been exacerbated by Hurricane Sandy. We strive to create a positive impact on our local community, economy, and environment and believe that the people of Rockaway deserve access to healthy and delicious food, regardless of their ability to pay.


The Shore Soup Project was founded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012. Responding immediately to the devastation caused by Sandy, residents of Rockaway formed the Rockaway Rescue Alliance and created a community-based food relief initiative, The Shore Soup Project, to prepare and deliver food to their neighbors in need.


During the six months following the storm, the project fed an average of 800 people a day. A network of over 400 volunteers came from all over to prepare soups in a Rockaway kitchen, using farm fresh produce donated by GrowNYC and other farmers' organizations, organic farms, and individuals. By car, tricycle and bicycle, hot food was delivered door-to-door to various populations including homebound seniors, families without access to healthy food, individuals living in public housing, and Sandy-affected renters and homeowners.


Since then, the organization has expanded to address the ongoing issue of food insecurity through a variety of programs. We continue to provide a free weekly meal delivery service in the Rockaways as well as nutrition workshops for youth. Today, our main donation partner is the Park Slope Food Coop. In addition to our meal delivery program, in the summer of 2013, we founded and operated a pay-as-you-can mobile relief restaurant in the community. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to provide organic salads, soups and smoothies to children and adults regardless of their ability to pay. 


We strive to build a healthy, sustainable community by providing delicious and nutritious food in a respectful, dignified manner to any individual who wants to participate in our community food project. We believe that by volunteering, cooking, growing produce and eating in community, we can work together to expand access to healthy food and bring about recovery in the Rockaways. In this critical period of recovery following Hurricane Sandy, we seek to rebuild and expand access to healthy food in the community.


Solidarity and not charity 

Community engagement is one of our core values. We believe that by taking part in the creation and service of our healthy meals, community members will feel more invested in and empowered by the project.


Everyone deserves access to healthy food

We believe that all people should have access to high-quality, nutritious, healthy meals, regardless of their socio-economic status. Healthy food promotes general wellness, and access to a healthy diet is urgently needed in a community like Rockaway, which suffers from an above average incidence of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.


Supporting the community through long-term Sandy recovery

Hurricane Sandy has devastated many areas of our community. The most positive takeaway from this experience has been the outpouring of generosity and support from volunteers and donors from across the country. We are dedicated to harnessing this positive energy, continuing to provide opportunities for volunteerism, and working for the long-term growth and renewal of Rockaway.


Environmental sustainability

In our efforts to rebuild and improve Rockaway, we emphasize a “greener” conscience. We believe structuring our operations with the goal of being a zero-waste establishment will help us mitigate potential negative impacts to our local environment. We hope to serve as a model of environmental stewardship in Rockaway.