About Us

Shore Soup Project

The Rockaway Rescue Alliance Shore Soup Project is a grassroots community group that formed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and established a community feeding program. Shore Soup has distributed over 50,000 free healthy meals throughout the Rockaway Community from Breezy Point to Far Rockaway. RRA also leads and hosts community programs including legal clinics, health information workshops, free farmers markets, CSAs and community gardening projects. During the summer of 2013, we operated a Kickstarter funded pay-as-you-can mobile kitchen (pictured above), with the goal of establishing SHORE, a permanent relief restaurant. Our mission is to help increase access to healthy food in our community by combining these initiatives to create a sustainable local food system.
Our work has been recognized with grants from the North Star Fund, Citizens Committee for New York City, The Fund for the City of New York and the Robin Hood Fund.

Rockaway Soul Food: Respect, Rebuilding and Free Hot Soup from CANAPE on Vimeo.

Our History

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, as residents of Rockaway and small business owners, we formed the Rockaway Rescue Alliance to offer support to our neighbors. The boardwalk, which was the previous location of our concession and mobile food businesses, has been destroyed and many homes were flooded, structurally compromised and covered in black mold. Residents were without power, heat and hot water, a situation that for some continues to this day. Immediately, it became clear that in the absence of a large-scale initial institutional response, what was needed was for neighbors to begin helping neighbors.

Our door-to-door delivery service reached a range of different populations including: home bound seniors, families without access to healthy food, individuals living in public housing and affected renters and home owners. Our network of over 400 volunteers prepared our soups from farm fresh produce donated by GrowNYC and other farmers’ organizations. Environmental sustainability has always been an important priority for us, because of this, we distributed food by bicycle and tricycle cart, composted our food scraps and primarily use organic ingredients. These practices continued on our mobile Relief Restaurant which we unveiled this summer after a successful Kickstarter campaign through which we raised the capital expense required. We were proud to partner with Soupervan this summer and opearting out of their state-of-the-art Bio-diesel/Veggie Oil Food Truck.

Sign Up for Home Delivery of Meals

We are continue to serve our homebound neighbors with free meals delivered directly their homes. If you are a resident of the Rockaways with mobility constraints, and would like to receive deliveries, please use this sign up form to enroll. If you require assistance enrolling, please call 347-619-2219 to speak with the Shore Soup Team. We will help fill out this form for you. Please note this service is only for the homebound. Deliveries will occur Mondays from 4PM-8PM. Make sure you will be home to receive deliveries during this time window before completing the form. We can arrange to have multiple meals delivered to you at this time.